A print ad for Charly’s Bakery


Note: I can’t draw for toffee, which is hugely frustrating and so I have described the visual that I would like to use to go with the advert.

TITLE:  Divorce Court – Print ad – Charly’s Bakery.

VISUAL:  A darkish corridor in the Cape Town Magistrates Courts. We see a closed door with a sign saying “Office to Let”and above it, a sizable brass plaque, with the embossed words “Divorce Court”. There are a few large cobwebs in the corners of the door frame, indicating that the door has not been opened for some time.

HEADLINE:  Charly’s Bakery Found Guilty.

BODY COPY:  The office of the mayor of Cape Town would like to announce the closure of the Cape Town Divorce Court. It would appear that couples in Cape Town are staying married and less likely to divorce nowadays. This trend was recently investigated by Statistics Unlimited, who tried to find a common denominator in these committed unions. Of a random sampling of couples, the only common thread was that they had all ordered their wedding cakes from Charly’s Bakery. A perplexed statistician from Stats Unlimited who visited the bakery to find out what their secret was, recently announced his engagement to one of the bakery’s gorgeous assistants. He has subsequently resigned from his position.

Payoff line: Charly’s – Loving Couples.

For more information on Charly’s delicious range of products go to: http://charlysbakery.co.za/