A (30 second)radio ad for Mike’s Corner Hardware (South Africa) toolbox

A 30 second  radio advert for Mike’s Corner Hardware toolboxes South Africa

MVO1: (within the South African context, the VO has to be the voice of Frank Opperman, or similar):

MVO1: It’s Spring.

It’s Saturday morning and I’m about to score some serious points with the wife.

So I head out to the shed to grab the toolbox to do some running repairs and guess what?

Big problem. The kids got there before me and all sorts of stuff is missing

Nice, I think. But not to be deterred, I head for the lawnmower as plan B, flash her up and off we go.

Moments later I’m heading through the elephant grass as the end of the garden when (sfx: lawnmower hitting object) I suddenly and unexpectedly find my Philips head screw driver which travels across the garden and lodges itself in Grandma’s wooden leg, whilst she enjoys her morning cup of tea.

While I’m trying to dislodge the screwdriver from Grandma’s leg, I think to myself; it’s about time that I went down to Mikes Corner Hardware and bought one of those lekker toolboxes they sell.  The one with the lockable lid that is kid – proof.

MVO2: Mikes Corner Hardware. For all your gardening and hardware needs.