Another (30 second) radio ad for Mike’s Corner Hardware

Freelance copywriters

FVO1: (Afrikaans female “tannie”):

This message if for all you ladies out there.

Girls, it’s spring and there’s no reason why the bloke in your life should be indoors, doing eye exercises in front of the TV.

Tell him to get his boep moving and out into the garden. My lawn looks like a jungle, so I told Dawie “Boeta, you’d better do some mowing or pretty soon we’ll need a spotter plane to find the front door.

And typical, he says the lawnmowers broken.

Go to Mike’s Corner Hardware, I tell him. They’ve got a whole range of new mowers and spares and they’re not expensive.

Not like last year when Frikkie from next door helped him and they did some modifications and fitted a turbo booster to the mower.

That was the time we had the incident with the Vibracrete wall and Mrs Schutte’s dog.

We prefer not to talk about it.

FVO2: Mikes Corner Hardware. For all your gardening and hardware needs.