A (30 second) radio ad for Polar breath mints – Woolybuggah

Overview: The idea of this radio ad is to play on the stereo typical and tongue-in-cheek relationship between Australians and sheep. Woolybuggah does not actually exist and it’s unlikely that Mick and his sheep shearing mates are that skilled at sedating sheep, but I thought the humerous approach to halitosis and fresh breath may get a reaction from the listener. A series of three or four radio ad’s with Mick and Woolybuggah as the central theme would probably do the trick. So here it is……..

SFX: Sheep bleating.

SFX: Burping

MVO1 (Aussie accent): G’day mate. My name is Mick and your’e at the Woolybuggah sheep shearing station in the middle of nowhere. Me and the boys would like to say that all you nongs with your fresh, minty breath are not welcome here.

SFX: Burps.

This is real mans country and the smellier your breath, the easier it is to get your sheep to comply. You just give the woolly fellah your most winsome smile, grab him in a headlock and blow gently down his sweetly flaring nostrils with a good shot of halitosis and that’s it mate. One groggy sheep, ready for a good shearing.

And that’s how we like them here OK? So don’t any of you naff, deodorant and tooth brush using types even try to think of doing a U turn here.

Strewth mate, we’d never get any work done

MVO2: Polar mints. For the cleanest, freshest breath.

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