Levi’s Apparel “Rock Star” television advert

00:00Med long shot. Black and white footage: a men's clothing store during the late 50's in London. Footage shot in black and white. Sensible and feisty looking mother walks into a clothing shop for men/boys with her 11 year old son. Son is dressed in true 50's style - Brilliantine hair, stove pipe trousers, school shirt.SFX: Ambient town traffic. As the women enters from street with son, door bell chimer rings and traffic noise amplifies. Buses and cars in background. Shop door closes. Traffic SFX is muted.
00:00Med close up: Older, "starchy"male shop assistant approaches woman smiling, looking haughtily at boy.SFX: Xylophone muzak playing in background.
Shop assistant: " Good morning madam. Looking for something for the young lad?"
00:00Med close up: Mother facing shop assist, side on side, boy in middle facing camera with 1000 yard stare.Mother: "Well, we've been everywhere and can't seem to find ANYTHING for Bernard here. I'm looking for something sensible that won't wear out. "
00:00Med long tracking: shop assistant leading mother and son through shop. Son trailing and getting further behind and then completely distracted by a display of Levi's, merchandised with posters of cowboys, American flags etcShop assist: "Please come this way madam. You'll find we have an excellent range of sensible and hard wearing trousers for young Bernard here."
00:00Long shot: mother and shop assist standing and talking at rack of trousers. Boy standing in front of Levi display. Muzak
00:00Close up: boy stops in front of the Levi display and slowly reaches out and touches a pair of the Levi's with his index finger. As he touches the Levi's, the screen flashes to a rock concert. Robert Plant is singing. Concert clip is in colourAUDIO: Muzak interrupted by Whole lotta love - Led Zep.
00:00Med close up: on boy, who lets go of the jeans with a start and stares at them mesmerised. He turns slowly to his mother and the shop assistant, who are talking to each other.Aud: Muted traffic and shop muzak.
00:00Med shot from behind mother and shop assist: Looking at trousers that shop assist is holding in hand.Shop assist: "What about these for the young man, Madam? Finest quality Rayon and wool blend, tough as nails,sensible and will last you for years. Real hand-me-down's " actually."
00:00Med shot: Mother and shop assist look for boy who they assume is with them. Mother notices boy standing away from them at Levi display. Looks irritated and addresses boy.Mother: "Bernard, come here immediately and stop day-dreaming. We have a busy schedule to keep and can't waste time."
Shop assist: "Oh Madam, what is the world coming to ? I don't know why we insist on stocking those dreadful things. What will become of us?"
00:00Long shot, zooming in from Mother and shop assist to boy, who touches jeans again. Colour clip of rock concert. Plant singing.Aud: Muzak and then cut to "Whole Lotta Love" when boy touches jeans.
00:00Tracking shot: Mother walks to boy and grabs him away from the Levi's display. Hauls him by the arm to where the shop assist is standing.Mother: "I've just about had enough Bernard. Please stay with us and stop day dreaming!!"
00:00Close up of boy's face.He has a slight smile and the pupils of his eyes are a bright, exaggerated turquoise Aud: Whole lotta love.
MVO1: "Levi Clothing. Live Your Life in Full Colour."