A (30 second) radio ad for Fat Bastard Wines

Fat Bastard Wines – “Garcon” 30 second radio advert.

SFX: General restaurant noise, people talking, cutlery on plates, glasses clinking.

MVO1: (pompous English accent, slightly inebriated and slurring): “I say waiter, come here man. I say Garcon, come here immediately man, can’t you see me waving at you ?”

MVO2: (French accent & polite): “Oui Monsieur?”

MVO1 (laughing at own joke) ” I say man, do you have frogs legs, or is it just the way you walk?”

SFX: Hysterical laughter from table guests

MVO1:” Only joking Luigi (more hysterical laughter), I mean Louie. Now tell me son, what wine would you recommend?”

MVO2: “Fat, Bastard, Sir.” (slow emphasis on the three words).

SFX: Louder, hysterical laughter from table guests.

FVO1: (shrill, hysterical laughter/1 mm away from being slapped)”Oh Morty, were you at varsity with the man? How does he know your nickname?”

SFX: Hysterical laughter – tailing off.

MVO3: ” Fat Bastard. A range of wines that are fat on taste and thin on pretense. Just ask Louie.”

“For more info on Fat Bastard Wines, go to:http://www.fatbastardwine.co.za/”