StaSoft “Boots” – 30 second TV commercial

00:00Med shot: Male P.A. not particularly good looking and of nerdy disposition is siting at his work station, sweating through a pile of papers. He looks extremely stressedThese Boots were Made for Walking - Nancy Sinatra.
00:00Med shot: corporate parking garage. Female boss who looks like a super bitch climbing out of her sports car. Slams door and walks towards lifts.These Boots fading to silence and then the sound of a bell, tolling.
00:00Med shot: female boss in office sits down at her desk, picks up a file and starts to flick through it. She pauses at a page. Camera zooms in as she frowns and a look of intense annoyance appears on her face. Camera back out to medium shot as she stabs her finger at the button on the office intercom. She yells at the intercom.These Boots
00:00Med shot: Male P.A. is moving in slow mo down aisle between work stations. On his left is a priest and on his right, the Grim Reaper. Work colleagues are hanging over their office dividers, banging coffee mugs. P.A. walks past camera and stops out side bosses office door. These Boots
00:00Med shot: from behind boss' desk. Door opens and P.A. enters. Super bitch moves from behind desk, brandishing file and shouting/gesticulating. These Boots
00:00Boss throws file at P.A. who tries unsuccessfully to catch it. Papers go flying in all directions.These Boots
00:00Boss grabs front of P.A's shirt and starts to shake him, whilst busy shouting at him. As she does so, she stops shouting and her anger is replaced by a seductive smile as she runs her fingers over the fabric of hes shirt. She pulls him towards her and kisses him passionately.These boots.
00:00Close up of Sta Soft bottle with out of focus office chair with P.A's shirt thrown over it.These Boots fading down

This is an idea for a television commercial about Sta – Soft fabric softener.

It is about a “bitch – boss” who is wearing boots and takes her P.A to task about office admin, only to end up “falling” for him, because his shirt is washed in Sta-Soft.

There is no speech/talking, only SFX and the soundtrack, “These boots were made for walking”sung by Nancy Sinatra.