Sta – Soft 60 second video script – Green Beret

Wide shot: school hall decorated for a dance. Boys and girls on the dance floor with only a few remaining wall flowers around the edges of the hall.Audio:Ballade of the Green Beret
Med close up: a group of boys is huddled in the corner of the hall. The group parts as the camera moves in and reveals the boys drawing straws. As they draw their straws, the camera cuts.Audio:Ballade of the Green Beret
Close up: smallish boy wearing glasses. He is holding up a short straw in front of his face. His eyes are wide with fear. His friends are giggling behind him and one of them pushes him towards the dance floor.Audio:Ballade of the Green Beret
Medium shot: Group of girls are sitting and giggling whilst whispering to each other. A pretty girl is looking bored and aloof. The camera does a medium close up of her face, which changes to a look of horror as she realises the boy is walking towards herher.Audio:Ballade of the Green Beret
Med shot: the boy leads the girl uncertainly onto the dance floor, stops, turns and ten places his hands on her hip and shoulder. As the girl moves her arms into place onto the boys shirt, she shyly begins to smile at him, lightly caressing and fondling his sleeve in her fingers. He smiles shyly back and then averts his glance.Audio:Ballade of the Green Beret
Zoom out: boy and girl dancing on their own.Audio:Ballade of the Green Beret
Title up: Sta-soft. For the hardest moments.Audio fading:Ballade of the Green Beret